My Interview experience at Accolite, Inc.

Guneet Kohli
3 min readJan 2, 2022

Being a woman in the tech sector is an arduous journey. Recently, I participated in an event organized by Accolite Digital, “Women in Tech Event” which was organized for promoting gender equality in the industry. It was a diversity hiring event for Software Engineer role. Accolite Digital is an American company, focused on innovation, and provides best-in-class digital transformation services.

The hiring process had 5 rounds, each round being an elimination round. The eligibility criteria for appearing in the selection process was as follows:
• Applicable to diverse candidates from 2022 graduation batch with no active
backlog & CGPA>6/10 or %>60% through out.
• Eligible Courses — B.E/B.Tech, MTech, MCA, Integrated Course.


The first round comprised a technical aptitude test which had MCQs from a variety of topics like OS, DBMS, SQL, Software Engineering, etc It was held on the EduThrill platform. The technical aptitude test duration was 30 minutes I gave the first test on 9th November, 2021. The results were announced through email within an hour of submitting the first test.


It was a coding round and the time allotted was 60 minutes. The second test was held on 9th November in the latter part of the day. I received the email from Accolite Digital on 14th November that I had cleared the second round of assessment as well. Due to high number of applicants, my next round was scheduled after almost a month — on 10th December.


I was quite nervous before the third round. Before entering the meeting, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, and I think that is what helped me in clearing my third round. This round was a live coding round, it had a panel of interviewers who were all watching me code the solution to the problem statement. Being really tired from all the college classes, I got stuck in the coding part of a question(here comes the best part) but the interviewer guided me and eventually I solved the question.(I really felt proud of myself at that moment, Thank you sir for your guidance).


This was the final technical round, it was similar to the third round. The only difference was that the coding questions were tougher this time. It was again a mix of coding questions and technical interview. The discussion lasted for more than an hour. I solved the questions and even answered the questions, which were related to software engineering — like the SDLC models(Waterfall Model, Spiral Model, etc.).The final technical round, i.e. the fourth round was held on 15th December.


This was the HR round. In this round, most of the questions regarding joining, work culture, etc were answered by their team. It was an exhaustive discussion. Each and everything was explained very well.

After the round 5, they shared the employment offer via the email. Accolite Digital was also offering an internship along with full time job offer. The whole process was a great learning experience for me. I didn’t accept the employment offer due to some personal reasons. But, I really liked the interview experience.

The best part about this interview was that Accolite was that they even invited me to their Virtual Christmas concert😍. I think they really believe in Michelle Kwan’s quote, “Work Hard, Be Yourself and Have Fun!”

That was my experience interviewing with Accolite Digital. I hope it helped you and answered any questions that you had in your mind. 😄

Wishing you luck!



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